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A MUST READ: Why Short Men Have Fewer Lovers

​SHORT men really do miss out on sex, according to a study. Researchers looking at how people’s height and weight affected the number of sexual partners they had had found short men had the least. However, they were surprised to note that tall men did not always have the best sex lives.

Short man
A short man and a tall lady

The study of 60,058 heterosexual men and women aged 30 to 44 found that their average number of sexual partners was eight.

Researchers said there was little difference in the number of partners across the height range with one exception—very short men. While men of other heights had a median of seven sexual partners, those between 5ft 2in and 5ft 4in had only five, the team from Chapman University, California, found.

Regarding weight, normal and overweight men reported the most sexual partners, while underweight men had the least. Underweight women also had notably fewer partners, said the journal Evolutionary Psychology.

Article written by Bunmi Sofola 

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Why Ladies Must Stop Doing These 3 Things Now 

How will someone who knows life is about ups and downs believe he or she wants to have it good all the time? 

The above question goes especially to ladies who throw away the opportunity that comes to them just because of wrong pieces of advice from those they call their best friends. 

Crying lady
A lady weeping after she threw away her opportunity based on wrong advice

A good number of ladies are fun of taking to wrong counsel from friends who also want the same thing they want. What does this mean? It is basically about thinking of settling down with a lady’s dream man that the unsuspecting ladies fall prey to their predator friends. The predator friends come from nowhere to snatch their man and at the end of the day marry the man in question. 
The three main mistakes are given below 

1. Lack of contentment 

There is a popular line in a nursery school rhyme which goes thus, “I am content with what I have, little be it or more,… ”

The above rhyme is instructive for ladies who are not satisfied with the responsible men in their lives. They want the perfect guy whereby they themselves lack so many qualities. At the end of the day, their situation becomes, “grab all, lose all. ”

2. Putting the fried meat in care of the hungry cat 

The meaning of this is when a lady tells her so called best friend everything about her man. 

These types of ladies make themselves vulnerable. The friends they seek advice from is a hungry cat who needs a man badly in her life too. Since the desperate friend also wants to settle down, she plays a fast one by snatching the guy. 

It is not a sensible thing for ladies to divulge vital things about their man to their friends in order to prevent themselves from falling into the trap of men snatchers. 

3. Lack of defined focus 

A lady who lacks where she wants to move to might continue to beat around the bush. Every lady should have a set of goals for herself and plan about how to go about them. This is also based on plans for a happy marriage life and the future.

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Truth Be Told: What’s Really Wrong With India And Pakistan 

India and Pakistan are one of the most recognised countries of the world under the Asia continent, with both having their strengths and weaknesses.

It is still not clear why the two countries which stem from the same ancestral origin do not see eye to eye. 
Coming a bit down Memory Lane, the two countries used to be a single strong entity before unsettled differences made them go their separate ways. 

Leaders of both India and Pakistan
Leaders of both India and Pakistan in warm handshake

There are so many things both countries have in common. A typical example is the game of cricket. Cricket is the major sport in India and Pakistan. Both countries are always ready to sacrifice everything they have in order for one to triumph over the other. 

One of the advantages India has over Pakistan is its over one billion inhabitants, which makes the country the second most populous country in the world after Peoples Republic of China, but this doesn’t mean one the former is superior to the latter.  However, the incessant fights especially in border cities like Kashmir have continued to be a global debate and threat to people living in those areas. 

Moreso, while there are many Muslims in Pakistan, the proportion of Hindus in India far outnumbers the Muslims in the country. 

Both countries are world superpowers in their own right with both having nuclear stations. 

On the flipside, the cracks leaders of both countries have created for more than half a century should be fixed in order for both countries to maximise the potentials of each other. 

As they said, unity fosters progress because the differences between India and Pakistan is just like six to half-a-dozen. 

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Truth Revealed: It’s Better To Have Many Wives Than One Or More Girlfriends, Lovers, Concubine – Catholic Priest Explains 

​Reverend Father Gabriel Ngbe of Akwangwa Catholic Church, in Nasarawa State, on Sunday, December 11 canvassed the need for Catholic Church to incorporate some good aspects of African culture in its Doctrine and that monogamy should be accepted in the Church because of those that have only one wife.

The Catholic Priest made this known while celebrating Acculturation Mass at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Akwanga.

A married man with his concubine
A married man with his concubine

Ngbe insisted that the Catholic doctrine most be amended, especially in the African Catholic Churches in order to accommodate every member of the Church.

“The Whiteman that brought Christianity to us mixed the religion with his culture and Africans just accepted it like that at the expense of our culture.

“If we did not incorporate parts of our culture into the way we worship God, our culture would in no distant time go into extinction,” he said.

Ngbe explained that local foods should henceforth be used for communion in the Catholic Church instead of using products imported from Europe.

The priest also said meaningful local names should be given to people during Baptism and Confirmation in Catholic Churches as against using “English names.”

Ngbe urged members to imbibe the habit of wearing local dresses during weddings as well as using local languages for Mass.

He said that anybody who practiced monogamy before accepting Christ should be given equal treatment in the Church with those that have only one wife.

“It is better to have many wives at home than to have only one and yet have many girl friends and lovers outside,” the priest said.

Ngbe therefore commended the Yoruba people for incorporating their culture in the way they practiced both Christianity and Islam and urged others to emulate them.

Source: Vanguard

NOTE: It should be known that in the religion of Islaam, a man is allowed to have a maximum of four wives in order to reduce and prevent extra marital affairs 

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Revealed: 6 Reasons Why You Need A Man In Your Life

Everyone needs someone at every situation in life. This is a stated fact which no one can dispute. It will be foolhardy of a lady to think she does not need a man in her life especially when she is ripe for marital life, that is has well gotten past stage of puberty. 

If a lady tells her peers she thinks men don’t have a place in her life, then she must be joking. 

A man and a woman
A woman who indeed knows she needs a man in her life

Below are the six reasons women need men so much 

1. Finances 

Any lady who wants to reduce her personal expenses should know a man comes handy for her. If she earns a fat salary and her husband complements her, she will enjoy her life more than a lone ranger. 

2. It boosts confidence level 

A woman who goes on the streets with her mind beside her feels much more comfortable. She feels the ambience of confidence provided by her man. This is one of the reasons women love it when they go out with a man, especially well built in physique. 

3. Security 

Ladies are the weaker sex, thereby being more exposed to danger. It’s not easy for rapists or street urchins to ambush a lady who has her guy beside her. 

4. Kills boredom and loneliness 

Living a solitary lifestyle kills faster than anything. A few days ago in the United Kingdom, a woman was reported to have committed suicide because she was living alone. If she had a man with her, this would probably have not happened.

5. It improves personal health 

Having someone to share time with is a big deal. Women who live happily with men have been said to have healthier well being and longer life span than those living alone. In addition, the chemistry between a man and woman works better than with a woman to a woman. 

6. Better psychology

Having a man is the surest way to killing and burying psychological trauma. A single lady succinctly describes what happened to her when she met her husband. She said it was as if a heavy load weighing her down was removed from her head. Another lady used to have cold relationship with all her colleagues when she had no man in her life, however, immediately she met the man who married her, she became a totally new person always beaming smiles. The secret to her change of character and behavior was the man she met. The man brought joy and tranquility to her life. 

Therefore, a woman who says no man has a place in her life is doing nothing but deceiving herself. 

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9 Tips for Renting an Apartment: Good Pieces Of Advice To Intending Tenant

Everyone who intends to live under the roofs of a landlord or landlady should be cautious and highly selective with the type of house he rents in order not to blame himself or get his fingers burnt when he eventually moves into the said apartment. 

Hints to take seriously when renting an apartment.
1. If you notice a lot of shops in the neighbourhood selling or repairing generators, it means light is not constant in that area.

A serene environment
A serene environment with a neat building

2. Beware of houses that the children of the original owners manage. You might end up paying rent to each of the children.

3. Try buying recharge card to know the type of neighbours you have. If the maximum you can get is only 200 naira, well, you know the kind of neighbours you have.

4. You don’t have a car and you want to rent house in a gated community where Okadas are not allowed to enter? Pity yourself o.

5. Bring out all your phones and modems to see which ones will get the strongest network signal. Start to give the strongest line to people that ask for your phone number.

6. Avoid houses that are near garages, whether Okada, keke Napep or bus garage. Apart from the noise and pollution, you know that NURTW change in leadership can be bloody. They use cutlasses, knives and the like to displace their ‘chairman’. You don’t want to get caught up in struggle for control of garage because your house is nearby.

7. Ensure that good schools are not too far away for your children. That way, they might be able to get to school even during fuel scarcity.

8. For the ladies, try and dissuade your husband or fiancé from renting apartment near bars or clubs. You should know why. Also ensure that no eX’s are nearby to avoid reigniting flames that should be dead.

9. If for any reason, you don’t want extended family living with you, by all means avoid 3-bedroom flats, especially if your children are young. When ‘anti’ comes from the village for a visit and sees an unoccupied room, your excuse for refusing your cousins becomes weak.

By Akpan Jeremiah 

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Save Your Life From Getting Ruined Due To Pornography: The Problem With Masturbation  

So many people don’t know masturbation create serious problems till they get married. 

Both sexes masturbate. Girls masturbate as much as boys do, they just don’t talk about it. 

Not just some men masturbate, some ladies also do it

People masturbate on the excuse that they do not want to fornicate but since their bodies are burning they’ve gotta find a means of release before they burn to death.

Let’s talk about sex a little. The real enjoyment in sex comes when a man can go in, hold it, thrust in and out for a long time before ejaculating. I’ve gotta get real with singles here because most people set the wrong foundation for their marriages and ruin their chances of ever enjoying sex forever. A man needs to “hold it” for as long as possible before shooting because once he shoots that’s the end of the show. The wife is left helpless with her body crying for more but the man can’t go further because he is completely done, worn out and weak.

Here is where masturbation ruin your sex life. The man is used to getting a release WITHOUT WAITING, he has formed a habit of going solo and getting a release as soon as the pressure for sex comes on him, of course, since he is not married, he does not understand the consequences.

After marriage, he suffers from PREMATURE EJACULATION. Some men’s case are so worse that while the woman is still undressing, he has already masturbated and wet himself to the disgust and annoyance of the woman. This is not theory, I’m talking about real life issues.

Some men also ejaculate before gaining enterance at all while some shoots the moment they gets in. These are all BAD, VERY BAD sex acts.

Ladies who are always achieving orgasm through dildo and solo stroking won’t enjoy sex too. You won’t be able to wait for the man to work on you. You are so used to the orgasm that you can’t feel the sexual experience or you compare your husband to your dildo or sex toy. That’s why some women complain they don’t enjoy sex even if they have it with different men on daily basis.

Learn to hold your body. Self control is a quality you must possess if you want to enjoy sex in marriage. Some singles argue that it’s better to fornicate then and avoid the problem of masturbation altogether. It’s still thesame problem of IMPATIENCE and LACK OF SELF CONTROL. If you must always have sex as a single person, you will commit adultery in marriage, because whenever your spouse is not available or heavily pregnant, you will go out and look for who to have sex with. It’s as simple as that. A successful married life is built on principles, you can’t eat your cake and have it. If you cannot control yourself before marriage, you won’t control yourself after marriage.

Avoid watching pornography. You can’t watch those heavy scenes and not masturbate. Get close to God and get busy with your life and vision. An idle hand is the devil’s workshop. People who are physically and mentally lazy carry out all manner of vices imaginable.

Read good books that shape your future. Make friends with positive people who value chastity and purity. Avoid friends who crack dirty jokes and say lewd things.

Respect your body, value yourself and put sex in the right perspective.

Learn to wait for sex. There is no where you are rushing to. If you marry at 25 you still have 75 years to enjoy sex so why the hurry?

Impatience is a vice not a virtue, learn to wait for what is yours. It pays on the long run.

Written by Okeson don Sunny 

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4 Ways To Easily Woo A Responsible Lady For Marriage Or As Future Wife 

The coming together of a man and a woman as legally married couple entails a lot of things. 

No man should have the mindset that it’s easy to get a lady on a platter of gold if he doesn’t do the needful. As years roll by, every responsible man who has all the requirements for marriage starts casting his net to see if he will catch the big fish. 

Happily married couple
Happily married couple

The four underlisted things are needed to find and eventually get a well brought up lady as wife:

1. Be straight forward in character 

No man should have the mindset that all ladies love hypocrite. A man who is proficient in telling lies should desist if he wants a good lady 

2. Dress sense 

All ladies are always proud to see their men in smart and nice outfits. Therefore, men should enable to dress up well 

3. Tell her what you want 

This lady is looking for a husband. Don’t beat about the bush. As she is not a flirt and believes you are not either, tell her what you want. That is, marriage! 

4. Tell her your plans 

A responsible Lady is interested in you plan to do going forward. Explain to her how you will organise the family when she finally gets her parents nod to become your wife. 

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Why Men Should Shine Their Eyes Well And Not Get Carried Away By Artificially Beautiful Ladies  

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder as they say, however, every man should know the difference between a chaft and a grain, when it comes to selecting ladies as life-long partner. 

The high rate at which ladies nowadays paint their face with all sorts of heavy makeups is alarming! Out of 10 ladies, it’s going to be very difficult to get three who go about in light makeup or even wear no makeup at all.

These heavily-makeup-laden-face ladies are in their thousands on the streets of Nigeria as well as other countries. They are now the movers and shakers of the society called uptown girls. 

A good number of men can’t distinguish between natural beauty and artificial beauty. When they see a lady with eccentric eyelashes or who wears heavy foundation to cover up her ugly face, they easily fall for her. 

Even, it is believed by some smart guys that these categories of ladies now use these heavy makeups to deceive unsuspecting men who are ready to make them as their legally married wives. 

A few weeks ago, some newspapers reported a story about the unexpected termination of a few days old marriage by the newly married husband while he was on honeymoon.

 It was during the honeymoon the man saw the natural face of his new wife. He was astounded by seeing the lady having tribal marks, one each on her two cheeks. Likewise, the woman employed a professional makeup artist to cover the tribal marks and her ugly face prior to when the man met her. She had deceived the man to marrying her. 

It should be known that the foundation of a fruitful marital life is the unalloyed trust between the man and the woman. There should be no modicum of deceit either from both parties. Therefore, if ladies continue to use makeup to deceive men to marrying them, if crevices and cracks start revealing early after their marriage, they have nobody to blame but themselves. 

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4 Good Reasons Why Buhari May Clash With Atiku In Nigeria’s Presidential Election In 2019

* President Muhammadu Buhari is piloting the affairs of Nigeria for the second time after first leading the nation as a military ruler between December, 1983 and August, 1985 before he was ousted in a palace military coup 

* Northern Nigerian born military men and politicians alike have ruled the country more than any other region, as they hold the mentality that they were born to rule! 

* Power is sweet as they say and this may not be unconnected with some whisperings and possibly loud voices yearning for former vice president Atiku Abubakar to throw his hat into the ring come the main election in 2019

Politics is filled with landmines and unseen circumstances that could lead a green horn to go to political oblivion and obscurity very early. More so, one of the key words in democracy is “political subterfuge.”

Buhari and Atiku
President Muhammadu Buhari in a warm handshake with former vice president Atiku Abubakar

It is always very difficult often times to determine where the pendulum will swing to when it comes to political predictions. As they say, 2+2 is not equal to 4 in politics. 

Some adherent supporters of incumbent president Muhammadu Buhari are saying, come rain, come sunshine, he is the only one they want to return in three years from this year. On the other hand, die-hard followings of Atiku Abubakar are saying he is the only one who can remove Nigeria from its current economic quagmire. 

A recent online report even stated that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has started drumming support for the “Turakin Adamawa.”

Below are the four issues that could bring up a Buhari Vs Atiku contest in 2019:

1. Voices of supporters 

Fans of both Buhari and Atiku will never relent at telling both men they need to contest. In addition, these two political heavyweights will want to listen to these voices. 

2. Power is enticing 

According to some former personal advisers of past presidents and Heads of State who have tasted power, they said serving a single tenure is never in the dictionary of any leader. They cited former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who wanted a third term tenure as well as Dr Goodluck Jonathan who wanted to return after saying initially he will serve a single term. 

3. Atiku’s unending urge to lead Nigeria 

Former vice president Atiku Abubakar who clocked 70 years on planet earth on Friday, November 25 has never hidden his uncommon zeal to rule the nation. It should be recalled he started his mission since early 1990s when he contested as one of the presidential candidates during the Social Democratic Party (SDP) primaries where he came third behind Chief MKO Abiola and Ambassador Babagana Kingibe. 

In addition, when he finished serving his eight years as vice president in 2007, he contested again but lost also. He has tried his luck severally, yet he hasn’t hit the bull’s eye!

4. Dominance over others 

A politician is only relevant when he controls the political structures of his party. This is best done when he leads as a governor in a state or rules as the number one citizen in the country. 

For instance, there is no dispute to the fact that president Muhammadu Buhari controls the All Progressives Congress (APC) machineries whether someone agrees or disagrees. Likewise he is the most important person in Nigeria.

Due to this, Atiku will still want to try if he could hit the jackpot as he will be so much interested in controlling the political structures of the APC. 

Time will eventually tell at the end of the day who will lead the country in 2019.