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Nigeria’s Internet Users Reduced To 93.2 Million – NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has said number of internet users in Nigeria’s telecommunications networks had reduced to 93.2 million by October.

Nigeria internet users
Nigeria internet users in a Business Cafe

The telecommunications industry umpire made the disclosure on Tuesday in its Monthly Internet Subscribers Data for October.

The data revealed that internet users on both Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) networks had decreased by 391,679 in October.

It showed that of the 93.2 million internet users in October, 93.1 million were on GSM networks, while 38,309 users were on CDMA networks.

Also, the GSM service providers lost 378,015 internet customers after recording 93.1 million users in October, as against 93.5 million it recorded in September.

The CDMA operators lost 13,664 internet users, after recording 38,309 in October, against 51,973 recorded in September.

The data revealed that MTN had 32.4 million subscribers browsing the internet on its network, while explaining that MTN recorded a decrease of 306,480 internet subscribers in October, after recording 32.7 million in September.

According to the data, Globacom has 27.2 million customers surfing the net on its network in October, giving an increase of 297,623 users, from the 26.9 million that surfed the internet on the network in September and Airtel had 18.8 million internet users in October, the same it recorded in September.

The data also showed that Etisalat had 14.7 million customers who browsed the internet in October, revealing a decrease of 369,158 users against the 15.1 million users recorded in September.

The NCC data revealed that the CDMA operators, Multi-Links and Visafone, had a joint total of 38,309 internet users on their networks in October.

It showed that the only two surviving CDMA networks in the country recorded a decrease of 13,664 internet subscribers in the month under review from the 51,973 users they recorded in September.

According to the data, Visafone has a decrease of 13,664 customers surfing the internet in October, as it has 38,305, compared to the 51,969 users in the month of September, while Multi-Links had just four internet users in October, same as
the users recorded in September.

The decrease in the use of the internet in October showed that more Nigerians needed to embrace data, as the next revolution.

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EXCLUSIVE: Boko Haram Places Massive Order For Drugs To Boost Sexual Performance, Treat STDs

Boko Haram new

Nigerian troops fighting the terrorist Boko Haram group in the north-east state of Borno on Sunday intercepted two suspected members of the sect believed to be on a mission to procure drugs for libido enhancement, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and other illnesses.

A military insider told PREMIUM TIMES that the two men were intercepted by men of the 112 Task Force Battalion as they tried to cross from Anadawa village to Minari on motorcycle.

The troops, who mounted a roadblock at Kasasewa village, trailed the suspected terrorists to Anadawa and quickly opened fire on them after realising they were fully armed.

The two suspects, our sources said, died on the spot with troops recovering two FN rifles and 18 rounds of 7.62MM NATO ammunition from them.

Also recovered was a three-page shopping list which suggested the men were travelling to procure massive consignments of drugs, and other medical supplies.

Among the drugs listed for purchase were cartons of Viagra, used for treating erectile dysfunction, and MMC Sex Men, a known libido enhancer.

Also listed for purchase were three cartons of Maxman coffee enhancer for men as well as Viamax power coffee, known for increasing sexual desire in men.

The list also included an order for capsules that could be used to treat gonorrhoea, a venereal disease involving inflammatory discharge from the urethra or vagina.

Going by the list, the men also planned to procured various kinds of injectables ranging from oxytocine to anti-tetanus.

Several kinds of syrups were also listed for purchase.

The Nigerian Army had in September 2015 said it usually find condoms, hard drugs and sex-enhancing drugs in camps captured from Boko Haram insurgents by its troops.

The spokesperson for the Army, Sani Usman, said in a statement at the time that the findings underlined the military’s belief that most Boko Haram militants were not grounded in Islam and were not driven by Islamic ideology.

Mr. Usman, a colonel, said a lot of insurgents so far arrested could not even recite the Qu’ran, the holy book of Muslims.

He said those arrested by troops of Nigerian Army’s 3rd Division turned out to be suppliers of hard drugs and other stimulants to terrorists.

Mr. Usman said, “You will recall that sometimes ago we reported that ironically most of the Boko Haram terrorists captured by Nigerian military cannot read the Holy Qur’an, some of them cannot even recite the first chapter- Suratuh Al-Fatiha and yet they claimed they wanted to establish an ‘Islamic State’.

“When the Nigerian military captured their bases and training camps, they never found Qur’an or other Islamic books. What were mostly found were ammunition, local charms, condoms and all sort of drugs including sex enhancing ones in their enclaves.”

From Premium Times 

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Importance of media platforms 

The special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on media and publicity Femi Adesina, should interact with more media platforms, in order to carry Nigerians along in what the current administration is doing to better the lives of the common man on the streets of Nigeria. 

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Never write off anyone in life

future is bright
The Future Is Bright
Nobody should be surprised to see these two boys rub shoulder together in future, when they graduate from Higher Institutions of Learning.
It is possible for the boy on the left hand side to even become more successful than the boy on the right hand side.