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Deformed Lady Tells About Persisting Trauma She Undergoes 2yrs After Ex-Lover Bathe Her Acid

Photo of Lady after being bathed with acid

For a young lady, Rosemary Naife,  life is no longer fair to her as she continue facing rejection from admirers and friends who used to envy her skin colour and beauty before she was bath acid barely two years ago by ex-lover, Paul Nwokobia, whom she claimed was culprit behind her deformation.

Even if she could afford means of providing herself plastic surgery, to the 25 years Delta state queen, no miracle can return her lost physique, not to talk of trauma she undergo daily anytime she remembers her former envious shape and discrimination confronts in public.

At night, she feels in different world because of darkness that covers her from shame, but as soon sun rise, she becomes uncomfortable with herself due to her horrible look; one side of her head been washed off by the acid poured on her unaware.

Shortly before the incident, Nnaife was known as a dazzling lady with lot of admirers in her area, but Paul was the regular man she moved with until things tore apart between the two, and seem not reconcilable.

Source: TheGuildNG 


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