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She Tempted Me By Forcing Herself On Me, Says 58-Year-Old Who Had Sex With 10-Year-Old

​A 58-year-old man, Timothy Onyeukwu, a tricycle rider in Abia State, has been arrested by policemen from Central Police Station, Aba in Abia State Police Command, for turning a 10-year-old girl into another tricycle that he could ride unchallenged, as he was caught during an alleged attempt to have sex with the girl in a hotel in the commercial city.

Crime Reports however learnt that it was not the first attempt by the suspect, as he had slept with the girl before his arrest. His method, it was further learnt, was to entice the girl with money and food.

Speaking with Crime Reports on the arrest of the elderly suspect, the state Commissioner of Police, Leye Oyebade, said police from Central Police Station were alerted by members of the public who saw when the suspect was taking the girl inside a room in a hotel.

“From the information gathered, the suspect, Onyeukwu, was having unlawful carnal knowledge of one female of about 10 years old in a hotel. This made the operatives of the Central Police Station, Aba, swing into action, and he was arrested while the girl has been taken to hospital for medical attention.”

A reliable source who spoke with Crime Reports disclosed that the girl used to go to the park where Onyeukwu operated his tricycle to sell sachet water. “He started giving her gifts like N20, N50 to eat. That was how he got her attracted to him.”

In an interview with Crime Reports on what led to his arrest, Onyeukwu, said: “There was a girl who used to sell sachet water. I had sex with her and I was arrested. But I was not the first man in her life because I had easy penetration into her and she also told me that she had a male friend.

“We had sex once in November within a school premises close to her residence. I stood behind her and asked her to bend. I penetrated her from behind. After we finished, I gave her N200. The second time, I decided to take her to a brothel for ‘short time’. I paid N500 for the room for an hour.

“I took the girl there in my tricycle. But some women who saw her following me to the room started beating her, saying that she was too young for what she was doing.”

The suspect disclosed that though he was once married, he had separated from his wife, while the only child she had for him was dead.

He added that though he knew the girl was not up to 18 years of age, he believed she was older than 10.

He added that the girl was just developing breasts but actually tempted him by throwing herself at him.

He narrated how he met the victim: “I was repairing my tricycle when she came and sat in it. She asked me to buy her food as she was hungry. She also asked for ice cream and I bought them for her. She came back again and asked me to give her money to carry a bag of sachet water to sell.

“As she was talking with me, she saw another man and said that he should wait for her so that they would walk together. I told her she was too small and would not know anything about a man, but she quickly replied that my statement was not true. She said she was not a novice in the area I spoke about and she had been doing ‘it’ for some time.

“That was how it started and I can only say that it was temptation. Since my wife left two years ago, I have not slept with any woman.

Oyebade said that the suspect would be arraigned in court after the conclusion of investigations.

Source: Tribune 


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