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Why Ladies Must Stop Doing These 3 Things Now 

How will someone who knows life is about ups and downs believe he or she wants to have it good all the time? 

The above question goes especially to ladies who throw away the opportunity that comes to them just because of wrong pieces of advice from those they call their best friends. 

Crying lady
A lady weeping after she threw away her opportunity based on wrong advice

A good number of ladies are fun of taking to wrong counsel from friends who also want the same thing they want. What does this mean? It is basically about thinking of settling down with a lady’s dream man that the unsuspecting ladies fall prey to their predator friends. The predator friends come from nowhere to snatch their man and at the end of the day marry the man in question. 
The three main mistakes are given below 

1. Lack of contentment 

There is a popular line in a nursery school rhyme which goes thus, “I am content with what I have, little be it or more,… ”

The above rhyme is instructive for ladies who are not satisfied with the responsible men in their lives. They want the perfect guy whereby they themselves lack so many qualities. At the end of the day, their situation becomes, “grab all, lose all. ”

2. Putting the fried meat in care of the hungry cat 

The meaning of this is when a lady tells her so called best friend everything about her man. 

These types of ladies make themselves vulnerable. The friends they seek advice from is a hungry cat who needs a man badly in her life too. Since the desperate friend also wants to settle down, she plays a fast one by snatching the guy. 

It is not a sensible thing for ladies to divulge vital things about their man to their friends in order to prevent themselves from falling into the trap of men snatchers. 

3. Lack of defined focus 

A lady who lacks where she wants to move to might continue to beat around the bush. Every lady should have a set of goals for herself and plan about how to go about them. This is also based on plans for a happy marriage life and the future.


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