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Truth Be Told: What’s Really Wrong With India And Pakistan 

India and Pakistan are one of the most recognised countries of the world under the Asia continent, with both having their strengths and weaknesses.

It is still not clear why the two countries which stem from the same ancestral origin do not see eye to eye. 
Coming a bit down Memory Lane, the two countries used to be a single strong entity before unsettled differences made them go their separate ways. 

Leaders of both India and Pakistan
Leaders of both India and Pakistan in warm handshake

There are so many things both countries have in common. A typical example is the game of cricket. Cricket is the major sport in India and Pakistan. Both countries are always ready to sacrifice everything they have in order for one to triumph over the other. 

One of the advantages India has over Pakistan is its over one billion inhabitants, which makes the country the second most populous country in the world after Peoples Republic of China, but this doesn’t mean one the former is superior to the latter.  However, the incessant fights especially in border cities like Kashmir have continued to be a global debate and threat to people living in those areas. 

Moreso, while there are many Muslims in Pakistan, the proportion of Hindus in India far outnumbers the Muslims in the country. 

Both countries are world superpowers in their own right with both having nuclear stations. 

On the flipside, the cracks leaders of both countries have created for more than half a century should be fixed in order for both countries to maximise the potentials of each other. 

As they said, unity fosters progress because the differences between India and Pakistan is just like six to half-a-dozen. 


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