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Teen Allegedly Strangles His High School Sweetheart to Death: ‘I Just Want to Know Why.’

An ugly incident happened in the United States where a 19-year-old allegedly strangled his high school sweetheart to death and now her family wants answers.

Police found Alyssa Wright, 19, dead in her boyfriend’s home on Wednesday, December 7 night after she was reportedly killed the night before.

Police then charged Elijah Ramoutar with murder, according to police.

“We were sitting on the bed, laughing, joking about things that were starting to look up for us. She said, ‘Bye. I love you. I’ll be back,’” the victim’s mother, Melinda Wright told WSBTV.

Wright told the station that she got mixed messages from her daughter on Wednesday morning through phone calls and on Facebook and police soon after found her daughter’s body.

“I don’t wish any harm to him, but I’m angry. I’m hurt and I just want to know why,” Wright said.

According to reports, the couple went to prom together in April and graduated in May.

A vigil was held for Alyssa at the high school she attended, but even friends at the vigil said they did not see this coming.

“He was gloating about being in college and how much he loved her and would take care of her,” Kimberly Van Dyne, who knew the pair, told WSBTV. 

Wright was reportedly studying to go into the medical field while Ramoutar had plans of joining the Air Force.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral expenses.

See photos of both alleged murderer and murdered lover below 

Source: INSIDE edition 


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