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Revealed: 6 Reasons Why You Need A Man In Your Life

Everyone needs someone at every situation in life. This is a stated fact which no one can dispute. It will be foolhardy of a lady to think she does not need a man in her life especially when she is ripe for marital life, that is has well gotten past stage of puberty. 

If a lady tells her peers she thinks men don’t have a place in her life, then she must be joking. 

A man and a woman
A woman who indeed knows she needs a man in her life

Below are the six reasons women need men so much 

1. Finances 

Any lady who wants to reduce her personal expenses should know a man comes handy for her. If she earns a fat salary and her husband complements her, she will enjoy her life more than a lone ranger. 

2. It boosts confidence level 

A woman who goes on the streets with her mind beside her feels much more comfortable. She feels the ambience of confidence provided by her man. This is one of the reasons women love it when they go out with a man, especially well built in physique. 

3. Security 

Ladies are the weaker sex, thereby being more exposed to danger. It’s not easy for rapists or street urchins to ambush a lady who has her guy beside her. 

4. Kills boredom and loneliness 

Living a solitary lifestyle kills faster than anything. A few days ago in the United Kingdom, a woman was reported to have committed suicide because she was living alone. If she had a man with her, this would probably have not happened.

5. It improves personal health 

Having someone to share time with is a big deal. Women who live happily with men have been said to have healthier well being and longer life span than those living alone. In addition, the chemistry between a man and woman works better than with a woman to a woman. 

6. Better psychology

Having a man is the surest way to killing and burying psychological trauma. A single lady succinctly describes what happened to her when she met her husband. She said it was as if a heavy load weighing her down was removed from her head. Another lady used to have cold relationship with all her colleagues when she had no man in her life, however, immediately she met the man who married her, she became a totally new person always beaming smiles. The secret to her change of character and behavior was the man she met. The man brought joy and tranquility to her life. 

Therefore, a woman who says no man has a place in her life is doing nothing but deceiving herself. 


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