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9 Tips for Renting an Apartment: Good Pieces Of Advice To Intending Tenant

Everyone who intends to live under the roofs of a landlord or landlady should be cautious and highly selective with the type of house he rents in order not to blame himself or get his fingers burnt when he eventually moves into the said apartment. 

Hints to take seriously when renting an apartment.
1. If you notice a lot of shops in the neighbourhood selling or repairing generators, it means light is not constant in that area.

A serene environment
A serene environment with a neat building

2. Beware of houses that the children of the original owners manage. You might end up paying rent to each of the children.

3. Try buying recharge card to know the type of neighbours you have. If the maximum you can get is only 200 naira, well, you know the kind of neighbours you have.

4. You don’t have a car and you want to rent house in a gated community where Okadas are not allowed to enter? Pity yourself o.

5. Bring out all your phones and modems to see which ones will get the strongest network signal. Start to give the strongest line to people that ask for your phone number.

6. Avoid houses that are near garages, whether Okada, keke Napep or bus garage. Apart from the noise and pollution, you know that NURTW change in leadership can be bloody. They use cutlasses, knives and the like to displace their ‘chairman’. You don’t want to get caught up in struggle for control of garage because your house is nearby.

7. Ensure that good schools are not too far away for your children. That way, they might be able to get to school even during fuel scarcity.

8. For the ladies, try and dissuade your husband or fiancé from renting apartment near bars or clubs. You should know why. Also ensure that no eX’s are nearby to avoid reigniting flames that should be dead.

9. If for any reason, you don’t want extended family living with you, by all means avoid 3-bedroom flats, especially if your children are young. When ‘anti’ comes from the village for a visit and sees an unoccupied room, your excuse for refusing your cousins becomes weak.

By Akpan Jeremiah 


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