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4 Ways To Easily Woo A Responsible Lady For Marriage Or As Future Wife 

The coming together of a man and a woman as legally married couple entails a lot of things. 

No man should have the mindset that it’s easy to get a lady on a platter of gold if he doesn’t do the needful. As years roll by, every responsible man who has all the requirements for marriage starts casting his net to see if he will catch the big fish. 

Happily married couple
Happily married couple

The four underlisted things are needed to find and eventually get a well brought up lady as wife:

1. Be straight forward in character 

No man should have the mindset that all ladies love hypocrite. A man who is proficient in telling lies should desist if he wants a good lady 

2. Dress sense 

All ladies are always proud to see their men in smart and nice outfits. Therefore, men should enable to dress up well 

3. Tell her what you want 

This lady is looking for a husband. Don’t beat about the bush. As she is not a flirt and believes you are not either, tell her what you want. That is, marriage! 

4. Tell her your plans 

A responsible Lady is interested in you plan to do going forward. Explain to her how you will organise the family when she finally gets her parents nod to become your wife. 


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