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Why Men Should Shine Their Eyes Well And Not Get Carried Away By Artificially Beautiful Ladies  

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder as they say, however, every man should know the difference between a chaft and a grain, when it comes to selecting ladies as life-long partner. 

The high rate at which ladies nowadays paint their face with all sorts of heavy makeups is alarming! Out of 10 ladies, it’s going to be very difficult to get three who go about in light makeup or even wear no makeup at all.

These heavily-makeup-laden-face ladies are in their thousands on the streets of Nigeria as well as other countries. They are now the movers and shakers of the society called uptown girls. 

A good number of men can’t distinguish between natural beauty and artificial beauty. When they see a lady with eccentric eyelashes or who wears heavy foundation to cover up her ugly face, they easily fall for her. 

Even, it is believed by some smart guys that these categories of ladies now use these heavy makeups to deceive unsuspecting men who are ready to make them as their legally married wives. 

A few weeks ago, some newspapers reported a story about the unexpected termination of a few days old marriage by the newly married husband while he was on honeymoon.

 It was during the honeymoon the man saw the natural face of his new wife. He was astounded by seeing the lady having tribal marks, one each on her two cheeks. Likewise, the woman employed a professional makeup artist to cover the tribal marks and her ugly face prior to when the man met her. She had deceived the man to marrying her. 

It should be known that the foundation of a fruitful marital life is the unalloyed trust between the man and the woman. There should be no modicum of deceit either from both parties. Therefore, if ladies continue to use makeup to deceive men to marrying them, if crevices and cracks start revealing early after their marriage, they have nobody to blame but themselves. 


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