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Why You Should Take Care Of Your Best Day, Friday 

* The importance of Friday among the seven days of the week cannot be either itemised or enumerated, likewise it cannot be over emphasised 

* Muslims all over the world call Friday “Yaomul Jumu’a,” meaning a day meant for them to gather together in a Masjid (Mosque) whereby they will listen to a sermon/lecture from the Imaam, thereafter observe Salaah of two rakaahs. 

Why do people hold Friday with so much reverence? The answer is not far-reaching. It’s simply because the Creator of Heavens and Earth has made the day like that. 

Baytul Haraam
Kaabah or Baytul Haraam (Muslims’ most revered place on earth)

Coming to those who love going to clubs and do night groovings, they are always happy Friday has come early. On the part of the working class people, they are gladdened at least they will be able to rest their heads after so much stress from office ‘wahala’which will give them the time to go to a nice relaxation spot or recreation center over the weekend. 

Ditto, school children are not left behind, as they jump up when they hear the closing bell ring on Friday afternoon. They can’t wait to go home. 


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