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Why You Need To Eat Well

What goes into the body of every individual matters a lot, as it determines the output at the end of the day.

A person who wakes very early each day and heads to his working place should not joke with his stomach. This is because the day’s productivity could be affected. For instance, some working class people in Lagos state hardly care about the nutritional contents of the food they consume. 

Pounded yam and assorted egusi soup
Pounded yam and assorted egusi soup

Some people have become the best customers of fast foods practitioners or better still, junk foods. The resulting effects of these foods include: building up high blood sugar which is a precursor to diabetes at its allies; raising blood cholesterol levels among other things. 

Every one who wants a healthy lifestyle and maximum productivity should eat balanced diet and should as well know that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be eaten in the King’s way.

We should all remember that health is wealth. 


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