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5 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Joining The Army (VIDEO)

* The Army or the military is by no means the most disciplined institution in the world 

* Young men and women from different countries have various ways they could choose to get enlisted into the military

Nigerian Army is one of the best military forces in the world. The land troops have recorded several successes in various African countries and United Nations peace keeping task, thereby restalling peace to those regions.

 However, the video in this write up states five reasons you should think twice before joining the military. 

1. Strenuous training 

The Army is no mince meat. You will be drilled so much that you may lose your life during these exercises. So, think before you leap. 

2. Zombie lifestyle 

When you become a confirmed Cadet officer after succeeding in the recruitment training, your superiors control everything about your life, which you have to carry out to the latter.

3. Thinking change 

The way you see civilians becomes different. They become less important to you. If care is not taken, you could see them as a trash which should be disposed off with alacrity from your presence. 

4. Contact with loved ones decreases 

There will be no more luxury of having much time to spend with your family again. It’s from one assignment to the other. 

5. Personal self 

Since you have been fully drilled, you see life from an angle which might be strange to others. That is, your thinking and mindset are not the same with those of the people on the streets. 

On the other hand, one thing to note here is that the Army or military is still one of the best professions to join for the great job they do every day and night to keep our countries safe.

God bless the military. 


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