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5 Common Mistakes Single Ladies Make All The Time 

* There is no argument there are cultural differences and family background disparities between a down town girl and an up town lady 

* A man hardly knows which status or level a lady is until she starts revealing her true colors after a few interactions 

The introduction of anti-cultural thinkings like LGBT, which is alien to Africa for instance, has still not deter well exposed guys from carefully picking the kind of girl of their choice. 

On the other hand, some single ladies repeatedly commit these avoidable mistakes under listed 

1. Guys can’t take me for a ride 

If a lady shows she is so smart and is not malleable, that is when men will find a way of leading her to the garden path. 

2. I have my life to live 

We all need someone in our lives. No one is an island. Living your life means putting the feelings of the other party into consideration. 

3. I’m too smart 

A lady who says this all the time should be cautious. If guys hear this statement, then they might harm such a lady, in what is called hit and run. 

4. Guys are not wise 

Acting funny doesn’t mean stupidity or foolishness. If a guy behaves he’s got little or no brain, he could use this as a bait for you.

5. It’s all about me

Life is not just for you, but for everyone. Always put the guy in your shoes too. 


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