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3 Things Every Woman Needs To Make A Great Wife

* There are arguments and counter arguments on what qualities a good wife material needs 

* The first that attracts men’s eyes is beauty, however a well mannered lady will be sought after for marriage 

* Husband seeking women should get their axe together and make hay while the sun shines 

Getting a responsible husband could sometimes be difficult for a lady who is especially desperate to get married. Some people even say in the present day that marrying a well brought up lady is like the similitude of a camel passing through the eye of a needle. Be as it may, single ladies should buckle up as time and tides wait for no man. 

Check out these three things which are called the three B’s 

1. Brain

No man will be proud to have as a wife a person who is intellectually bereft of ideas or who is anachronistic in thinking. Men love smart and brilliant ladies. 

2. Behaviour 

Men who womanise want to marry ladies who are warm. No man wants to marry a mood swinger or someone who snubs men. The character of a lady is her treasure. 

3. Beauty 

When a woman is pretty, cute or beautous, then men may flock around her. However, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 


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